The Product Development Academy has an ambition to unite resources in PhD education where one important part is securing that relevant and high quality PhD courses are available to PhD Students. Other activities in Education is sharing experiences and supporting life-long learning for teachers in the Product Development area. Courses are part of the Produktion2030 Graduate School.

PhD courses

The Product Development Academy has a four module course suite in Engineering Product Design. These modules are:

  • A critical review of the Product Development Process literature
  • Sustainable Development in Engineering Product Development
  • Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in the Engineering Product Development Process
  • Engineering and Innovation Management

The modules run continuously with a new module starting each 12-18 months. The modules are courses of 5 credits and given at the universities enrolled in PDA.

Upcoming courses:

  • Engineering Product Development (Previous course PM)
    • March Feb 2019 – Module 1: A Critical Review of the PDP
      Established literature will be revisited and compared with more recent advances in academic research. The objective is primarily to provide a theoretical reference base for conducting research in product development. NEW DATES: Planned dates 2019: 18 Jan at 9.15-10.00: Web meeting (zoom) with course information (not compulsory), START: 4 March 2019: Physical meeting in Luleå (Monday – travel Sunday evening or Saturday if you want a day extra for skiing), 11 April: Web meeting, 16 May: Web meeting, 11 June (Tuesday): Physical meeting in Linköping or Gothenburg (place TBD Linköping or Chalmers). Contact: Prof Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck,
    • Sept 2019 – Module 2 – Sustainability in Engineering Product Development
      Societal and industrial activities call for a need to relate research and practice on Engineering Product Development to the pressing issues of sustainable development. In this course, we will address how various sustainability aspects relate to Engineering Product Development and focus on why, how and when sustainability needs to be integrated and implemented in the product development activities. Contact: Prof Glenn Johansson,
    • Jan 2020 – Module 3 – Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
      The course aims to provide a basic understanding for how modelling, simulation and optimization can be employed to support the product development process. Contact: Prof Ola Isaksson
    • Sept 2020 – Module 4 – Engineering Management (5 hp)  Contact: Prof Björn Fagerström,


  • Production Innovation (P01, 7,5 hp): Course within Produktion2030 that combines industry production visits with theory on innovation management applied for manufacturing industrial cases. Run for the third time 2018-19. Dates 2018-19: Nov 19-20 (Luleå), Dec 5-6 (Jönköping), Jan 30-31 (Stockholm/Kista), March 27-28 (Norrköping). Contact: Prof Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck or Kerstin Johansen,


  • Get Your Paper Published (P09, 7,5 hp): Very popular hands-on academic publication course guides participants through the journal publication process with their own contribution. Now back for the third time 2018-19 (FULL), and fourth time 2019 (still a few places left). Upon request, also with a program also for senior researchers planned at session 2 (February). Course within Produktion2030, collaboration with ScAIEM. Dates third time 2018-19: Nov 5-7 (Linköping), Feb 11-12 (Luleå), May 8-10 (Jönköping). Dates fourth time 2019: Feb 14-15 (Luleå), May 6-7 (Jönköping), Sept 4-6 (Linköping). For info please contact: Prof Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (email as above) or Prof Kristina Säfsten, JU:


  • Innovation and Value Creation in Research (4 hp): A course organised by LTH with support from LU Innovation system and PDA. The aim of this course is to broaden the idea about what innovation is, and to equip PhD students with tools and process, ”innovation and value creation lenses”, needed to enable to put their research in a utilization and societal perspective. This will stimulate the transfer of research results to society, and contribute to enhanced innovation and cooperation between academia, investors, business society and society as whole. Latest application date is April 3, 2019. The number of spaces is limited. Course dates: May: 13, 15, 16, 20, 22 and 28. See here for more information. For more info, please contact: Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin,, or Anders Warell,

All courses: Limited number of attendees (and minimum number 12, otherwise courses may be postponed). Please email with your “interest subscription” (not binding) to the contact persons above as soon as possible, so that details can be planned properly.

Please also visit the PADOK site and become a member of the PhD network for research in product development and production:

Courses are free of charge (except travel costs) for PhD candidates within the Produktion2030 program.


Recently finished course:

In addition to the course program provided by PDA, universities engaged in PDA can use this forum for informing of courses at their department/universities.  As a PhD you can find courses here and get more information by contacting either the person assigned for the course or the PDA representative at each university.

PADOK collaboration

PADOK is the Swedish network for PhD students in production-related research fields and we collaborate. More info at PADOK web site.