The Product Development Academy has an ambition to unite resources in PhD education where one important part is securing that relevant and high quality PhD courses are available to PhD Students. Other activities in Education is sharing experiences and supporting life-long learning for teachers in the Product Development area.

PhD courses

The Product Development Academy has a four module course program in Engineering Design. These modules are:

  • A critical review of the Product Development Process literature
  • Sustainable Development in Engineering Product Development
  • Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in the Engineering Product Development Process
  • Engineering and Innovation Management

The modules run continuously with a new module starting each 12-18 months. The modules are courses of 5 credits and given at the universities enrolled in PDA.

Next module in line is:

In addition to the course program provided by PDA, universities engaged in PDA can use this forum for informing of courses at their department/universities.  As a PhD you can find courses here and get more information by contacting either the person assigned for the course or the PDA representative at each university.

PADOK collaboration

PADOK is the Swedish network for PhD students in production-related research fields and we collaborate. More info at PADOK web site.

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