The Product Development Academy promotes the following initiatives:

  1. Scientific Excellence Initiative: Collaborative research to express current and desired product development capabilities.
  2. Educational Excellence Initiative: Identify, analyze and form guidelines for development of educational and learning activities within the product development field.
  3. Industrial Transition Capability Initiative: Industry, society and academic collaboration focusing ability to facilitate strategic change of capabilities and lifelong learning within the product development field.

Areas of work

PDA is active in the following arenas:

  • National research collaboration
    • Development of national product development research strategy
    • Development of a product development research platform
  • Educational collaboration
    • National product development education strategies
    • Collaboration across university boundaries regarding programmes and courses
  • PhD Student Initiatives
    • National meeting place for product development students
    • Internationalization
  • Technology and knowledge transfer
    • National platform for cooperation between researchers in industry and academy