The Product Development Academy promotes viable, desirable and feasible solutions, through addressing the following four dimensions of product development;

  1. Design of innovative concepts, systems and product solutions
  2. Design automation and digital engineering approach
  3. Sustainable life cycle design
  4. Engineering management

Hence, research is targeted within the above four focus areas.

To achieve the goals of PDA the Scientific Excellence Initiative is started; a collaborative research study to express current and desired capabilities. A study decomposed in the four identified areas of PDA, from a Swedish Perspective in the international context

Further more, we plan to gather and analyze state of practice based on coordinated scientific studies of Swedish industries; Identify future challenges, and compare with other leading regions internationally. Include an effect study of capability research initiatives. Research questions include “how Sweden can build on its strengths and mitigate weaknesses, to stay in top positions 10-20 years from now”.